New sample: Bart

Bart who visited the makerfaire just posted his result online:

Bart3 from blendernation on Sketchfab.

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Instructions to build your own 3d scanner

Well last night i posted an instructable on for this project, just in case anyone else wants to make this project as well :-)

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Example 3d rendering from the Groningen Makerfaire

Well we scanned over 225 people at the Groningen Makerfaire ( and I am very happy with the result :-) Check it out:

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Makerfaire Groningen.. it was a blast :-)

We had a blast yesterday at the Groningen Makerfaire ( We 3d scanned well over 200 people and the initial results look great. I will soon post some results here. Thanks to everyone visiting our booth, you will soon get the email explaining how to download your 3d scan.

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3d scanning party @ home

Well last sunday I organized a 3d scanning “party” at my house. I invited everyone that had kids to come a long and get them scanned, so we can print out some nice faces and give them to grandparents and alike :-)
This was my first test with 36 raspberries and everything from a software perspective worked fine. I did have a hard time with getting good and enough light.
I only had some time on monday to process some of the images and did notice that the modelling software had a hard time picking up the back off people, so I need to fix that. I was planning to add a laser with a lens cap that projects many points, to generate more references for the modelling software.
This friday I will be setting up again at the Groningen Makerfaire. I will have more space there and also hopefully more light. So I can start scanning people at large on saturday when the makerfaire is open to the public.

Want to visit the groningen makerfaire, check it out here:

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Get scanned at the Dutch Makerfaire!

Would you like a free 3d scan of yourself? Come visit us at the Groningen Makerfaire in the Netherlands on October 12th.

If all goes well, there will be a 37 Raspberry pi setup. 36 with cameras and one for control and processing. The 36 raspberries will take a synchronised snapshot of you in a flash that you can then process with 123d Catch, Recap Photo, VisualSFMAgisoft photoscan or any other software you find (please tell me).

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My first samples

I am still working on the 3d scanner setup. Hopefully for next week’s makerfaire I will have all 36 cameras up and running. I did already do some test shoots with less cameras and already very happy with the result.
Check out my sample gallery!

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How does my 3d scanner works?

Here is my cool pi 3d scanner, made from 36 Raspberry Pies + Pi Cameras and one raspberry and NAS system for control.


Check out the full details.

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