My first samples

I am still working on the 3d scanner setup. Hopefully for next week’s makerfaire I will have all 36 cameras up and running. I did already do some test shoots with less cameras and already very happy with the result.
Check out my sample gallery!

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3 comments on “My first samples
  1. Andrew says:

    Hi! I’m so happy to see someone has also been working on this. I have been (slowly but surely) been working on a similar system, with a different setup, but still using RPi. I may have some technical questions for you in the near future, so would you be interested in sharing some information back and forth?

    Your setup is quite impressive! With the release of the RPi camera module I was wondering how well it would work for 3d reconstruction. Seems like it works well!


  2. Eivind says:


    Nice work. I’m doing a 3D scanner based on 70 Cannon cameras controlled by Raspberry PI. I had 6 cameras for each PI but currently have trouble whit that.

    How do you sync the capture?

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