Instructions to build your own 3d scanner

Well last night i posted an instructable on for this project, just in case anyone else wants to make this project as well :-)

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3 comments on “Instructions to build your own 3d scanner
  1. Sebastian says:

    I love what you did here, is a very cleaver solution to bringing the cost down from a 40+ reflex camera setup that some are currently using.
    I’m starting a 3d printing business and I will be definitely be building one of these!!

    Do you think that if you spread your cameras in a geodesic dome arrangement you will cover more area with the same amount of cameras and get a good result??? in order to do full body scans

  2. Max Tsao says:

    An awesome project!!

  3. Jay Morgan says:

    Please supply me with a list of hardware that I need to purchase for this project, and what is the steps to take to connect to a desktop pc?

    Thank you


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