DSLR Interface

Information about how to interface with a DSLR Camera
From version 4.55 the 3D Scanmanagement software and firmware support mixing Raspberry PI cameras and DSLR camera.

In the current release one DSLR per dedicated Raspberry is supported

To configure a raspberry to control a DSLR camera, place it into mode 5, you do this by editing the group.txt file on the SD card (when the SD card in injected into your windows machine).

- Connect the DSLR camera with the camera USB cable into one of the 4 USB ports on the Raspberry. This is needed for Images download
- Use your camera's trigger cable to connect to an optoisolator. This is needed for focus and trigger control

Below an overview on how to make the connections:

Below an example of a Camera interface board:
  • Tuesday, 21 November 2017