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New open source pole design - Preview

I started with my 3D Scanner design 3 years ago and I have learned a lot in those 3 years :-) I really wanted to design a new Scanner designed to be:
- Extremely Mobile, setup time needs to be less then 30 minutes
- Easy to assemble, ikea style design
- Easy to self-manufacture by people all over the world
- Cheap in material cost

Well I think I am almost there! So I thought I would give you a preview of my new Scanner Pole design.

The new poles are designed so that no single part is larger then 1 meter in length. This should make it fairly easy for people to locally source a Laser cutting or CNC service to have all the components made.

The material I am currently using is 3mm thick multiplex wood. It is very light and cheap and due to the design with inner rips is very strong structure.

Each pole has its own 5v / 10amp power supply to provide power to Raspberry units, 8 port gigabit networking switch and Fan. It also has an 24v / 2.5 amp power supply to supply power to the LED strips that are mounted on each pole (no in the current picture). The power supply can do current limit dimming (Not PWM) so you can have 5 levels of brightness for your LEDs without having any artifacts on your images (that you would have when using PWM dimming).

I am in the final stages of the design, finishing off the mounting to the ground plates and some other small details. I will be releasing all building files open source and free for anyone to use in what ever way they like. I will provide a full Bill of Materials list and will be able to provide some of the components if you want.