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Comparing the old and new Raspberry PI camera

So here the initial results of comparing the old (v1.3) raspberry PI camera vs. the new (v2) raspberry camera. Besides the Megapixel difference (5mp vs 8mp) you can also clearly see from these images that the new camera is a wider (larger Field of View) camera. So while having more megapixels, if you shoot from the same distance if does not necessary mean you get more pixels from your subject.

One very big difference that is instantly visible is the difference in colors. The new v2 camera reproduces significantly better colors.

So is this an easy replacement for the older camera in the 3D scanner. I would say, not directly, To get the best out of the new camera, you would need to shoot closer to the subject. This will cause some challanges. Your poles will be closer, so it might start interfering with projection as they can really not move much closer then 1meter as you will not be able to cover the entire person.

Feel free to download the original source images (untouched). You will find the the images from the V2 camera are for some reason by default horizontally flipped. I will need to have a think about what this will mean for the current scanner design, so more to follow on this subject.

Download the original images here