LED lighting control (v2) using LPF-XXD-24

Lighting control details for setup using LPF-XXD-24 power supplies
When using the mobile scanner design, you want to be able to control the LED strip of each individual pole, using a Raspberry inside that same pole.

We are using the Meanwell LPF-XXD-24 LED power supply. You can choose between the 40 Watts (LPF-40D-24) or 60 Watts (LPF-60D) model. This power supply supports current limit dimming (NOT PWM). Most LED dim solutions work by pulsating the light quickly on and off (Pulse Width Modulation/PWM), this CAN NOT be used for photography, as the picture will capture the on / off motion in the pictures by dark and light strips. The LPF-XXD-24 has a control cable, depending on the resistance it will limit the current (from 0 K Ohm to 100 K Ohm)

Using 3DScan software and Firmware 4.51 or above, each individual Raspberry Camera unit can control the lights. You DO NOT need a special GPIO raspberry anymore.

To control the LED powersupply, you will need some very basic electronics. 4x a resistor and 1x a 4 channel opto isolator (LTV847). This will give you a variety of light levels.

It is probably easiest to use a Raspberry "prototype" HAT, so that the electronics can be directly mounted on top of the Raspberry.

In the Camera Settings you can not setup the desired GPIO output to control the lights in Idle state and for the 1st and 2nd Image.

  • Thursday, 16 February 2017