3D Scan Management Software - Evaluation

Evaluation software

Download the 3D Scan Manager software. This Zip file contains both the Firmware for the SD card and the Windows Software to control the Scanner.

Release 5.32
- Bug fix for making scans in API Mode

Release 5.31
- Important: In this new version the shootlist is tied to the download directory. When you upgrade you software, you will loose your current shootlist!! So make sure you first download all scans before your update.
- This download includes the latest firmware file v5.30
- Bug fix with regards to the validation of when a scan is made.

Release 5.30
- Retrieve average color info to help calibrate on gray card
- Support for live view of cameras, this can help setting the correct focus
- Some bug fixes and support for logging to file

Release 5.20
- Fast double image scan (1/15th or 2/15 of a second)
- Individual unit sync adjustment support
- Multiple bug fixes, including regional setting bug.

Release 4.56
- Support for the Raspberry 3 Model B Plus

Release 4.55
- New mode 5 for support of DSLR camera triggering and image download. (currently one camera per raspberry).
- Some small bug fixes.

Release 4.52
- Support for the Raspberry Zero W 1.1 (using USB ethernet adapter)
- Automatic Network card selection, in case multiple cards are present
- Fixed noise projection creation bug

Release 4.51
- New shooting engine. This allows independent control of non-projection and projection images.
- Each camera raspberry can now also be used for projection and GPIO/Light control. No long need for dedicated raspberry
- Additional new camera settings, including Dynamic Range control. This allows better visibility of projection on images
- Auto detection of 5MP or 8MP camera and detection of failed camera
- Low disk warning notifications
- Support for automatic download of images after each scan
- Manage projector resolution setup. Supporting a mix of resolutions.

For the raspberry PI you can download a pre-installed firmware image. We recommend using 8GB SD cards or more. The Image will automatically adjust to the SD card size used.

Firmware 4.5.5 - Compatible with Raspberry Model B(+) and higher and the Zero models.

To burn the firmware image to you card, you can use the diskimager software.

For online instructions, please click here

If you have any questions during installation or configuration, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.