From Scan to Game, thanks to Uraniom

To make a 3D scan of people to get them a nice mini-figure is of course great, but there is so much more you can do with a 3D scan. Especially now, thanks to Uraniom! This French company has developed a platform that allows our scans to be used in existing computer games! 

Check out the demo video:



The great thing about Uraniom's platform is that you can provide your customer with this option, without giving them access to the actual 3D files. You can scan your customer, upload the model (just the head) into their online platform and than just send a code to your customer so they can use it on the Uraniom platform.

3D scan studios and Uraniom are a match in heaven :-) They offer this great platform and the fast growing list of 3D scan studios 

If you are interested in joining up and providing Uraniom as a service to your customers, please sign up here:

Uraniom sign up for 3D scanning studios

To close off, one more cool demo video for you :-)





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